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Oaida Raul, a teenager in Romania, said he has always been inspired by spaceflight, but the only space program he cold afford was a LEGO shuttle. He decided to undertake an “October Sky” project of his own, which involved a high-altitude balloon lifting a LEGO space shuttle and a GoPro camera to capture the footage into the stratosphere. Because he entered a snag with Romania’s bureaucracy, he decided to move the project to Germany, where his father works.


He finally did it on Dec. 31 in a muddy field near Lauda-Königshofen, and the shuttle landed about 240 kilometers southeast in a remote and dense forest.

We passed by the shuttle a couple of times before noticing it in the snow, it was undamaged. After playing the video we were in total awe, I still find it hard to belive that it was actually up there!

Since he didn’t have a computer that could edit full HD, he waited two months until he could borrow a laptop to do the job.