YumaLite: $99.99

The holidays are over, and without the cheery music, all of this cold wind and ice don’t seem so magical anymore. It can get extremely depressing to notice that nighttime is slowly creeping into the afternoon and not just metaphorically. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — has been attributed to a lack of light exposure, among other things — is something that can occur during the winter months, and it sometimes results in overeating, less energy, oversleeping and general grumpiness.

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Light boxes are used by doctors to treat SAD, and YumaLite is an at home light therapy visor that’s designed to do the same thing at home. It’s a small visor that fits over the head and should be worn for at least ten minutes to expose the wearer to white or red LED lights. (It doesn’t really matter which color is chosen, red LEDs have been shown to be just as effective as white.) It’s recommended that the visor be worn at the beginning of the day, perhaps while getting breakfast ready. Just be careful not to leave the house with it on, unless you want to have a personal source of sunlight on your head all day.

Credit: YumaLite