William Hughes snowboards in an LED-clad suit. Image via video screenshot.

Usually, night skiing or snowboarding involves lighting up the slopes, not the rider. But for a video titled “LED Surfer” from fashion photographer Jacob Sutton and produced by NOWNESS, William Hughes spent three nights in the French Alps, clad in a special suit that covered him from head to toe in LED lights.

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For the project, Sutton wanted to do something different from the usual epic, high-flying snowboarding video, “to approach Snowboarding in a more textural aesthetic way that felt more emotive and expressive,” he told NOWNESS in an interview.

As Hughes turns the board, the snow that flies up is lit from beneath, captured by Sutton, wielding a Red Epic camera in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is something that is indeed unique- and a bit creepy as well.