Astronaut 1: “(Name) 10 things you won’t miss about Mars when you’re gone.”

Astronaut 2: “Only 10?”

The first manned mission to Mars will be gritty, dangerous and, potentially, miserable for the crew. Despite the thrill of the awe inspiring adventure and discovery, the crew will need to be a very special bunch, fending off life-threatening situations while still carrying out science and completing mission objectives.

In a new trailer released for an upcoming sci-fi movie starring Liev Schreiber (of “X-Men” and “Ray Donovan” fame), the “true” horror of a mission to Mars is depicted, with a twist. In what appears to be the last day of the first manned mission to the Martian surface, a band of astronauts are preparing to come home.

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Unfortunately, the Mars astronaut’s worst nightmare is about to occur. After collecting samples, the crew get infected by a mystery (and presumably indigenous) bacteria. Scenes of blood, gore and stumbling around in a Mars dust storm (with an… axe?) ensue.

I for one, welcome any science fiction movie, and if you’re going to create a sci-fi horror, I can think of no better place to set it than on the red planet. I just hope that “Last Days On Mars” doesn’t succumb to the silliness of many sci-fi directors who think zombies in space is a good idea (I’m looking at you, “Sunshine”). But let’s face it, it can’t be any worse than previous movies based on Mars, can it?

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According to the trailer, there appears to be a very “Alien”-esque “chestburster” scene. Perhaps the 80,000 Mars One applicants shouldn’t watch this little Martian outing.

“Last Days On Mars” is set for release in the UK on Sept. 19.