Those scenes in spy or heist movies, such as “Oceans Twelve” and “Entrapment,” where our heroes have to negotiate a room full of crisscrossing lasers by contorting their bodies have become so cliche even screwball comedies like “Get Smart” are starting to lampoon the familiar trope.

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Ever wonder if you have what it takes to maneuver through the lasers and procure the loot? Now you can, thanks to Nerdworking, a design collective that built a real-life version at its headquarters in Istanbul. It’s called “Laser Mesh: A Spy Experience Game.”

Using an Arduino Uno circuit board to control a network of green lasers, the group created a veritable parkour playground, complete with security cameras and smoke machines for not only drama but so that players can see the lasers. Here’s how Nerdworking’s website explains the project:

We set an automatic security system for 200mW lasers that may scratch the eye retina and may burn the skin. Whenever the player touches the lasers, the system turns off automatically, the lights are on and the alarms get activated. Players are expected to be speedy and nimble in a 3-min. time period.

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If scratched retinas and burned skin aren’t enough motivation, perhaps the bragging rights of sweet victory are. While Nerdworking doesn’t offer any advice for conquering the laser maze, if we’re to glean any tips from the silver screen, it helps to wear slinky Spandex, have a toned posterior, and last but not least, an exotic, yet tense soundtrack.

via Gizmodo

Credit: Nerdworking