To paraphrase Jack Donaghy: In ten years, we'll all either be working for this guy … or dead by his hand.

In a totally bananas viral video currently making the rounds, YouTube tinkerer and self-proclaimed mad scientist StyroPyro show off his latest invention -- a 200-watt bazooka laser assembled from scrap parts and eBay bargains.

StyroPyro claims that the device is almost certainly the single most powerful portable laser ever assembled by a hobbyist. Judging from his long list of other mad scientist videos, I feel comfortable regarding him as an authority on the issue.

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Some numbers: According to its creator, the laser bazooka clocks in at 200 watts. By comparison, a laser pointer is about 0.005 watts. A standard laboratory laser is 0.5 watts -- the FDA's "highest danger rating for a laser," according to the alarmingly enthusiastic hobbyist.

"Which means that just looking at the spot on the wall can give you eye damage. But this baby right here sits at 200 watts, which means it's 400 times over the most dangerous rating imposed by the FDA!"

Things get weird when StyroPyro straps on a welding mask and starts firing the laser beam around his workspace. At 200 watts, the bazooka laser is capable of instantly igniting wood, cardboard and plastic. He even aims it at some gunpowder, which explodes, and some kind of flare mix.

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The business end of the bazooka is powered by four 50-watt diode banks, salvaged from standard DLP projectors bought on eBay. The rest is scrap metal, simple optical components and a focusing lens that concentrates the beams "for up-close burning." The safety switch? A screw driver jammed into a circuit breaker.

It's good to see America's young people applying themselves. I'm just glad he doesn't live next to me.