A quick look at the image above and you might think you’re looking at a scrapbook photograph of the face of a girl — but in fact, what you’re seeing is an aerial view of a 11-acre landscape, the size of 44 Olympic swimming pools.

Muralist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, First Artist in Residence at the Belfast International Festival in Ireland this year, used 30,000 wooden pegs, 2,000 tons of soil, and 2,000 tons of sand to create his largest work yet.

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Titled “Wish,” the landscape art is a recreation of a photograph Rodríguez-Gerada took of an anonymous child he saw in Belfast during his research for the project.

“It was very important for me that the viewer has no idea if this girl is Catholic, Protestant, or other,” he told the Irish Times. “She is simply a beautiful child, her eyes staring out at the future, full of joy.”

He spent 18 months planning the design, and only one month in the actual construction of the art. The video below shows what it takes to build an image of such enormous magnitude.

IMAGE: Video grab of WISH, by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada