It sounds like a scene out of a James Bond movie, or perhaps a weapon of mass destruction developed by Dr. Evil, but two men in Albany, NY, were arrested Tuesday for planning to develop a mobile X-ray system that would be used to silently and secretly kill people from afar. Since at least one of the two men, Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, is a self-described member of the Ku Klux Klan, we can only image what people he and his accomplice, Eric J. Feight, 54, might be interested in eliminating.

According to John Duncan, executive assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of New York, who spoke to CNN, the men were developing a mobile device “designed to turn on remotely from some distance away” and that would emit “dangerous levels of X-ray radiation.” People at the wrong end of the device would not know that they had been showered in radiation until days later when sickness set in.

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Apparently, Crawford contacted two Jewish organizations in April 2012 to ask for funding, telling them that he was developing technology “that could be used by Israel to defeat its enemies by killing them while the slept,” said CNN. The system would have three parts — the X-ray, a power source and a remote initiation device — and be small enough to fit into a truck. That prompted an investigation.

Crawford and Feight were arrested Tuesday after an undercover operation by the Albany FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

 Credit: Nicholas Belton/Getty Images