At first glance, this looks like a great invention- what better way to distribute ketchup than with a little robot to wheel around the table, pointing and squeezing the bottle. Ketchupbot even gets off to a good start, perhaps putting more ketchup than necessary on a plate of mac and cheese, but no robot’s perfect, right?

Things quickly go downhill, however, when it moves away from the plate while still squeezing the bottle, making quite a mess. On to a hamburger and hot dogs, and by the end, the whole table looks like a ketchupy crime scene. But there’s something both endearing and hilarious about Ketchupbot, a testament to home robotics, and a warning that we’ve got some ground to cover before bots are doing all our work for us.

The video (via Tasteologie) was uploaded to YouTube by creepsinc, but there’s no description to provide any background.

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