Image: KB Covers

Keyboard covers are a compromise. For the sake of keeping keys pristine and dry, users have to deal with the effects: sticky typing and imprints on the screen.

Yet the ultra-thin silicone KB Covers for Apple keyboards avoids these faults while adding an interesting selling point: learn a new keyboard layout or software-specific shortcuts. The El Segundo, Calif.-based company’s array of covers range from Dvorak (an alternative keyboard layout from the 20th century) to video-editing software Final Cut, with options for European, American and Japanese keyboards.

The covers cram in a fair amount of information, with the original characters and new shortcuts. They’re also unlikely to slip off because they fit snug around the keys. One major drawback is that the characters aren’t translucent, which means they don’t light up when the keyboard backlight is on.

Having tried the Dvorak cover for a few weeks, I wish my fingers were fluent in this new layout. But a mere cover won’t do fix that. Learning takes time and practice.

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