Texas Judge Claims Obama's Re-election Will Cause Civil War: An elected county judge in Texas believes if President Obama is re-elected he will militarize the United States using troops from the United Nations and there will have to be a citizen uprising to save it.

The comments were aired on a CNN affiliate KJTV and FOX Talk 950. The Lubbock County judge, Tom Head, oversees emergency planning efforts and referred to "executive orders" and "czars that don't answer to anybody" as his evidence for this dystopian near-future scenario.

The judge asserted Mr. Obama will give the sovereignty of the United States over to the United Nations and promised to personally stand "in front of (the U.N.'s) personnel carriers and say, 'You're not coming in here.'" He went on to add that the local sheriff backed up his claims and agreed with him, but the sheriff said their only conversations regarded emergency management contingencies.

KJTV reported the warning was linked to a tax increase proposal to "shore up law enforcement to protect (the town)," but in reality it would benefit the competitive salary packages of the district attorney and sheriff's offices. via CNN