For years, people have relied on pepper spray to defend against a potential attacker, but fortunately, there’s now a more elegant-looking alternative.

Athena ($100), by Philadelphia-based startup Roar for Good, is a coin-sized personal safety alarm. It dangles like a pendant from a chain or can be discreetly clipped onto clothes or accessories, like a belt or purse -- all while helping to protect the person wearing it.

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When Athena is pressed, it sounds off an alarm “louder than a freight train,” according to the company, and sends the user’s location as a text message to a list of emergency contacts chosen by the wearer.

The user can also opt for the device not to blast sound but simply notify contacts of their location if the gadget is pressed for three seconds or longer.

Co-founder Yasmine Mustafa brainstormed the concept after spending six months traveling alone throughout South America, where she heard countless stories about assault. She thought a personal alarm could “use the element of surprise against someone else,” according to Fortune.

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A portion of the proceeds for every Athena sold goes to educational programs that have proven to increase empathy and decrease violence.

In its impressive run on Indiegogo, the company raised more than $164,000 toward funding the Athena, which is over 400 percent of its initial goal of $40,000.

Roar for Good hopes to begin shipping devices in the spring of 2016.

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The company also plans to further develop Athena in the future, both by updating the mobile app with added features and exploring other ways in which the technology could be embedded into items such as clothing, footwear and phone cases.

Their bigger picture goal: “to reduce assaults and ideally begin to transform society,” says the Indiegogo page.