Are you kidding me with this thing?

The GF7, a flying jet-propelled car, is no joke, though. The concept vehicle comes from Napa, Calif.,-based designer Greg Brown and engineer Dave Fawcett Airboss Aerospace. Fawcett has engineered other aircrafts, including the Viper, the Maverick and Javelin jets.

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If the GF7 looks like a luxury sedan with a jet engine, its because Brown and Fawcett figured, hey, flying cars are going to be expensive, at least at first, so why not give the buyer the most for his/her money? To that end, the flying car will accommodate four, have a highway cruising speed of up to 100 mph and a turbine engine with 3,500 pounds of thrust. This means it will be able to fly to 38,000 feet and hit speeds of 550 mph.

“The more we got into the systems the more we realized how complimentary they were,” Brown told Gizmag. “You can save jet fuel by using the electric motor to drive to the runway and start the turbine engine when you need it. The high-torque electric motors assist the jet to accelerate for take-off reducing take-off roll — it will be like an afterburner take-off. Four wheels braking with large road tires reduces stopping distance, and the ample battery power makes for an excellent backup to support environmental and avionics systems in the air. To top it off, the turbine engine produces plenty of extra electrical capacity to charge the batteries.”

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Look for a flying prototype in about four years and a sticker price between $3 and $5 million. Not kidding.

via Gizmag

Credit: Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett