Jeb Corliss, Facebook

Jeb Corliss flies through the Flying Dagger.Jeb Corliss, Facebook

Wingsuit daredevil Jeb Corliss, 37, has given a narrow gap in China’s Mount Jianglang a new nickname: Flying Dagger.

The three-peaked limestone and conglomerate mountain rises 2,677 feet (816 m) above sea level with a narrow fissure between two of its peaks that runs 900-feet long and bends and turns creating a width that ranges between 15 to 60 feet. From the tree-covered landing site the peaks jut up about 870 feet tall.

On Saturday Corliss nailed it. Jumping from a helicopter, he threaded his way through the fissure and then safely deployed his parachute on the other side, touching down on a narrow trail in the mountain’s surrounding jungle. As he explained on his Facebook page:

Yesterday I covered 3 football fields in 5 seconds and at about half way the walls were about 25ft wide. I had to side slip as I flew because the crack was crooked and there was turbulence. I had to pull as I exited the crack in full flight or I would not make it to the only landing area that was behind me. Once I committed to the landing area there were no outs.

Daredevils Through History

I had a 15 second canopy ride and just made it to the beginning of the landing zone. I have been jumping for over 15 years and I have never done anything more committing and technical in my life. I am so happy.