SeV Fleece Jacket 7.0: $160

Although for over a decade ScottEVest has produced a variety of snazzy tech-friendly clothing — from vests and jackets to boxers, button-down shirts and even dresses — their clever just-announced SeV Fleece Jacket 7.0 is special.

As expected, it's laden with numerous hidden pockets, so you can slickly store and transport myriad devices — and keys, cards, documents, sunglasses, magazines, water bottles… But what's amazing is an attention to detail in its re-design and re-engineering that rivals that of even the fanciest devices it aims to carry. Every single feature and purposeful pocket has a specific function for enabling the mobile technology lifestyle, as epitomized by the exceptionally cool, patent-pending Quick Draw pocket.

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Behind a zipper on your left side lie dual compartments. Slide your phone face-up into the inner compartment, which has a clear plastic material on the other side. Then slide your hand into the silky soft outer compartment behind it, twist your wrist and you can use your phone. Mind you, it's not just that you can see your phone's display. You can fully interact with your touch screen, through voice commands, and by listening to calls or voicemail — all without taking the phone out of your pocket!

But wait, it gets better. The inner compartment seals off with a little magnet. So once your phone is in place, it feels like you're simply slipping your hand into an ordinary side pocket (that just happens to have your phone concealed behind it). And on the other side, the flexible window to your phone is angled in a precise way that makes it possible to easily sneak a peek at your phone in either portrait or landscape position.

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Of course, because it's a ScottEVest, the Quick Draw pocket is part of your "Personal Area Network," which means you can thread earphones from it up through conduits in the jacket. Loops and pockets around your shoulder area keep your buds secure, hidden and always at the ready.

That's just one extended example of the level of details designed into this soft, warm, comfy jacket. Fortunately, one nice touch is that the jacket comes with a chamois (for cleaning glasses) that happens to have a map of the jacket's pockets printed on it. Other neat features worth noting are: the iPad pocket (also compatible with other tablets), the pickpocket-proof zippered pocket within a zippered pocket (great for a passport, cash or other valuables), and the fact that the sleeves zip off (and store in a long pocket that runs along your waist in the back).

This super fleece, available in either red or black, can currently be pre-ordered online and is slated to ship by the 31st.

Credit: ScottEVest

Scott Tharler writes about gadgets for Discovery News and covers travel tech for Fodor's. Follow him on Twitter, gdgt and Google Plus.