We're revisiting sex in space. This time.. what would happen if a woman got pregnant in space? And is it even possible?

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Sex in Space Could Be Deadly
"In a new study that's sure to make everyone's world just a little darker, scientists have discovered that sex in space could lead to severe health problems and life-threatening illnesses-brain disease and cancer included."

Bad news for the 220-mile high club: Researchers find sex in space could lead to life-threatening illnesses
"Space tourists hoping to join the '220-mile high club' have been brought back to Earth by new research showing sex in space wrecks health. Experiments on plants show changes in gravity damages cells - and could lead to life-threatening illnesses. Rumours have abounded for over a decade astronauts have already done the deed although NASA and the Russian government has denied these."

Sex in Space May Not Be Safe
"Sex and space, unfortunately, may be more like oil and water, or a match and gasoline ... they don't mix and could be dangerous, say experts."

Star-Crossing Lovers
"How will humans reproduce on centuries-long interstellar journeys?"

Sex In Space: Microgravity May Pose Challenges To Astronaut Hanky-Panky
"Getting busy might sound like a good way to pass the time on long space journeys, but it may not be the best idea, experts say."

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Space Sex 101
TestTube Wild Card
Treating Alien Viruses

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