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The Human Hair Additive in Your Food
"For his recent Mother Jones story on the origins of the "remy" hair used in high-end wigs and extensions worthy of Lady Gaga,Scott Carney sacrificed his own locks to a Hindu temple, but explained that clippings from short hair like his are used mainly as fertilizer or source material for a ubiquitous food additive called L-cysteine (L-cys for short)."

Common Bread Ingredient, L-Cysteine Derived From Human Hair
"It's been a bad week for uncovering unfortunate ingredients in the foods we eat. Yesterday it was meat glue and today human hair. The ick factor is serious."

"Staphylococcus aureus (or Staph aureus) is a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin and hair as well as in the noses and throats of people and animals."

Is Hair In Food A Health Risk?
"Finding a hair in your spaghetti is gross, no question."