The Nest Learning Thermostat: $249.99

The innovative and intuitive technology that has come out recently serves the purpose of making life better and smarter. Every aspect of modern life has been improved upon by tech, but one important device has been barely updated: the lowly home thermostat. Enter the Nest. The Nest Learning Thermostat was created by Tony Fadell, former Apple SVP who had a big hand in creating the iPod.

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The thermostat learns from the heating and cooling preferences of home owner to create a custom heating and cooling schedule. It programs itself based on the temperatures set and learns the homeowner’s schedule throughout the week, which means it can turn down heating or cooling when you’re not home to save energy. Its simple design is in keeping its Apple cousin, just an outer ring to adjust the temperature and a color change, red for heating and blue for cooling. The Nest menu can be accessed by pushing on it, or through Wi-Fi to adjust schedules, temperature and check energy usage. No doubt this will be the “Dyson” of thermostats, it’s cleanly designed, smart and energy efficient. It also costs about three times more than a typical programmable thermostat.

Via: Reuters 

Credit: Nest Labs