Professional Line-Standers Wait For Your New iPhone:

Would you stand in line for days to purchase the new iPhone 5 for

someone else? Turns out many people are doing just that.

The line outside of Manhattan's 5th Avenue Apple store began the day of

the Apple's annoucement, and some of the line-standards aren't even

there for themselves, according to CNN

One man in San

Francisco, took a job from a micro-tasking

service which asked him to wait in line for pay; he's been there since Monday.

The service is called TaskRabbit,

and it is a way for people to make a few extra bucks by running errands

for strangers. The errands are usually picking up groceries, delivering

packages, or other small tasks.

If you want an iPhone5 but don't want to wait in line for a week, "professional" line-standers are waiting for anywhere from $40 to $150.

Have a few days off and want to make a quick buck? Check your local Craigslist, one poster in Los Angeles writes that they'll pay, "a reasonable amount" … "and on top of that, I'll even buy you breakfast."