Like ivy, digital technologies have spread over the once-bare brick wall of print media. And at the rate they're growing, it looks like the electronic tendrils will continue to swallow the facade.

Brace yourselves, orthodox flame keepers of old media…or clang thee celebratory bells of change ye new-media zealots of hashtagery: The October 5 edition of Entertainmanet Weekly will not only feature a digital ad running video and live tweets, it will also include a real, full-sized 3G smartphone among its pages.

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Readers will find a small LCD screen showing short clips of two shows from the CW network's fall lineup. After the promos have run their course, the screen will switch over to live tweets from CW's Twitter account.

"The ad is powered by a custom-built, smartphone-like Android device with an LED screen and 3G connectivity; it was manufactured in China," a CW representative told Mashable.

But PR statements are a dime a dozen, so the chop-shoppers over at Mashable decided to dismantle the device and have a look at its guts. Here's what they found:

During our teardown, we discovered a smartphone-sized battery, a full QWERTY keyboard hidden under black plastic tape, a T-Mobile 3G card, a camera, speaker and a live USB port that will accept a mini USB cable, which you can then plug into a computer and

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Entertainment Weekly is only producing 1,000 of these issues with the digital ad included, so if I were you, I'd get a move on to your nearest newsstand…that is, if you can still find one. 

via Mashable

Credit: Creativity Online