This fall — right in time for deer season — Mercedes-Benz will introduce Night View Plus on the 2014 S-Class. Designed by Swedish safety-system company Auto­liv, the system identifies people, but also cows, moose, horses, deer, camels, and even wild boar.

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When an animal or pedestrian is detected, the systems highlights it on an in-dash display. If if the animal or pedestrian is dangerously close, an alarm sounds and the car’s brakes are activated. The European version even includes a tracking spotlight that shines a beam on live obstacles, however U.S. regulators have not approved that feature.

Embedded in the car’s grill is a thermal, far-infrared camera that scans for warm-blooded animals that are out of the normal range of the headlights. On the windshield, a near-infrared camera takes an image of the road. A central control board combines that data, then cross-references the image with approximately 150 parameters to eliminate false positives.

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As someone who drives around with a huge dent in their truck, compliments of a spooked whitetail doe, I welcome this system with open arms. Now, if I could only afford a Mercedes…

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Credit: Kako Fonia