LuminAID: $25.00

Admit it, you take light for granted, most of us do. All we have to do is flip a switch and our little corner of the world is illuminated. Disaster-stricken areas don’t have this luxury and can face days, if not weeks and months without light. The design studio at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture developed the LuminAID solar light to help give this basic need to those who need it most. The solar light uses photovolactic film laminated to PEVA to create a solar panel that can charge in six hours and provide five hours of light. 

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When the light is inflated it diffuses light similar to that of a handheld lantern, it’s also waterproof and can float. This light is ideal for camping or any other outdoor activity, but you know what it’s really good for? Helping people! It can help them see, write, read, cook and live some sort of normal existence in what's definitely a really low time in their lives. For every light sold, one will be sent to a person in a post-natural disaster area, someone who, even if it's just a little while, doesn't have the luxury of complaining about an electricity bill. 

Via: Gizmodo

Credit: LuminAid