I usually reserve about as much excitement for weather forecasts as I do for banging my head against a brick wall. However, here's a whimsical puff of prediction that's literally left my head in the clouds.

It's the Nebula 12, a weather forecasting machine that uses meteorological data to generate indoor clouds as a representation of what to expect when you step outside.

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Created by Zurich-based Micasa Lab, the Nebula 12 blends liquid hydrogen and hot water to conjure a cloud of steam. The clouds are released from a lamp with various brightness settings to highlight the cloud's contour. But most-captivating is that the light changes color to reflect different weather conditions. Red light indicates a low-pressure front is threatening, while yellow light indicates a sunny day.

The device gathers meteorlogical data from the U.K.'s Met Office via a Wi-Fi-connected Lumia smartphone. However, this is merely a default setting. Sourced weather data can be adjusted by the user.

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By default, the Nebula 12's clouds reflect the weather for next 48 hours, however, users can also adjust the time frame.

So far, Nebula 12 exists just as a concept, as liquid nitrogen isn't necessarily something you're going keep around the house. But I say, if Micasa Lab can find a way to add some thunder and lightning, anything's marketable.

via Gizmag

Credit: Micasa Lab