There's a new contender for king of the YouTube nighttime light show displays.

Edwards Landing Lights in Leesburg, Virginia has created a Gangnam Style synchronized show akin to many seen on YouTube before. Why the attention this year? The previous king of the light show was a man named Kevin Judd, but his were so popular (see below) that his Home Owner's Assocation passed rules to prevent him putting up lights ever again. Yikes.

There's no question that Psy's Korean pop song is one of the hits of 2012, so this is apt to be a hit this Halloween. If you're in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area, stop by Leesburg and check out the show, but be respectful, since it's a residential neighborhood. via Gawker

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Kevin Judd of Riverside, California was one of the kings of nighttime light displays, until his HOA shut him down. Apparently, visitation of his nightly "shows" was so big the visitors would start gathering around 2pm for a 7:30pm show.

The HOA received complaints. Judd owns a company that produces light shows, and according to Judd,'s company's website, "many of our neighbors would come out to watch every night. It’s a shame that some of those same neighbors in the community now do not wish the display to remain."

In this case it would seem Judd's house isn't just his home, but also a giant advertisement for his business. When a billboard causes, "trash, blocking driveways and damage to property … aka stepping on flowers and lawns." as well as crazy traffic and other concerns, it's probably time to take that billboard down.

If you miss Judd's displays, his YouTube channel has all the videos back to 2008. Nostalgia! via MNN

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