The dinner plate just got a lot more colorful — at least for people who've invested in metallic food spray.

Named "Food Finish," the edible, tasteless sprays are crafted by the German company The Deli Garage and bring a sense of extravagance to the table. (Who would dare compete with a golden turkey for Thanksgiving?)

After working with a local bakery to develop the food colorings, the company created gold, silver, red and blue paints for culinary use, according to its website.

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So what ingredients are in this stuff?

Ethanol, a type of alcohol, makes up the base. The mixture consists of a handful of food dyes, too. Some people believe there's a link between dyes and ADHD in children, but, to date, no studies have provided a straightforward relationship between the two.

Despite the sprays' popularity, the idea of glazing foods with metallic coatings certainly isn't new. It might not come in easy-to-spray cans, but a shimmery powder called luster dust can dress up fancy desserts, and edible gold has also appeared on the menus of a handful of restaurants. Because the small, tasteless gold shavings pass through the digestive system intact, they don't pose the health risks that may come to mind when one thinks about ingesting metal.

Still, it's not a good idea to try to create your own edible metal or spray.

Gizmag reports that the sprays aren't available in the United States because of regulations surrounding transporting aerosols. At present, they can be bought and shipped throughout Europe.

Photos courtesy of The Deli Garage.