People that die leave a lot of stuff behind, and some of it is online. It was only a matter of time before there was an app designed to automatically handle the latter.

Enter If I Die. It’s a Facebook app that offers a set of three user-designated trustees access to your Facebook page after the trip to the great beyond. It also lets people create final messages for loved ones (or enemies, if they’re so inclined). As the website says, sometimes you’d love to have a great last line, but you can’t always plan for death. More seriously, this kind of app could be helpful for people who are, for example, terminally ill.

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The setup is simple: the app is installed on Facebook and the user creates a video or text message to be played after death. She then chooses three friends to be trustees. The trustees confirm to the app that she is dead. Privacy is taken seriously enough that not even the developer (an Israeli company called Willook) can access the message without the trustees confirming the death.

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It may be that in the future setting up an app like If I Die will be as routine — and let's face it, sometimes depressing — as buying life insurance, writing a will or signing an organ donor card. The web site approaches the whole subject with a sense of black humor, and perhaps that’s all to the good. After all, we’re all going to the same place.

Image: Willook / If I Die

Via Gizmag