If you’re a physicist by trade, you’ve got a lot of specialty options. You can go into astrophysics, particle physics, optical physics, relativistic heavy ion physics, ice cream physics.

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Spanish physics professor Manuel Linares recently unveiled his latest entrepreneurial side project, a tutti-frutti flavored ice cream named Xamaleón that changes colors when it’s licked. Using his own funds, and recruiting a couple scientist pals, Linares has established a laboratory/ice cream parlor called IceXperience in the beach town of Blanes. Spain. Buy yourself a Xamaleón cone and the color changes from blue to pink and purple as you lick it.

Linares isn’t disclosing the specifics about how his ice cream changes color — secret formulas, special recipes and all that — but concedes that the process has to do with both temperature change and specific acids in human saliva. Linares has also revealed that the ice cream requires a little extra boost — a special concoction he calls “the love elixir” is spritzed onto each cone after it’s scooped.

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All the ingredients are natural, Linares insists, and he has plans for additional exotic ice creams down the line. Future flavors include an ice cream made with extracts from Peruvian and African aphrodisiac plants, and another that glows under fluorescent lighting.

Radioactive isotope sprinkles are extra, presumably. Science marches on.

via Phys.org

Credit: IceXperience