Fans of the TV show “The Walking Dead” who believe zombies are more than just a fictional threat will be relieved to know that Hyundai — conveniently one of the show’s sponsors — is creating another one-off car designed for slaying the undead.

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The Santa Fe Zombie Survival machine will boast an array of vicious weapons, such as knife blades, an automatic crossbow, razor-wired windows, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminum armor and a muffler silencer.

The car was designed by a fan of the show, Anson Kuo, whose name sounds like a zombie-fighting hero if I’ve ever heard one. Kuo used “The Walking Dead” Chop Shop app, which allows users to virtually customize one of three Hyundai models by selecting an assortment of weapons.

After Kuo’s winning design was selected from approximately 82,500 submissions, Galpin Auto Sports turned his concept into a real car, which will be unveiled on Oct. 10 at the New York Comic-Con show.

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In the department of zombie-proofed cars, this isn’t Hyundai’s first rodeo. In July, the automaker displayed a Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. Last year, the car company present the original Zombie Survival Machine, an Elantra Coupe.

via Gizmag, Hyundai

Image Credit: Hyundai