James Bond made the Aston Martin famous as the very symbol of cool. Now the company will put a hydrogen-powered version through its paces at the 41stADAC Zurich 24-Hour race in Germany.

The hydrogen-powered car, called the Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S, can run on gas, but Aston Martin says it wants to show what it can do with hydrogen. The design is based on Aston Martin’s new four-door, four-seat sports car. It will be one of the first hydrogen-powered cars to compete in an international event as well as the first zero CO2 emissions car to complete a race pace lap at the 24-hour race.

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The race itself is days long, around a 25-kilometer (15-mile) track, and it’s an endurance event: the car has to go around for 24 hours.

Aston Martin also wants to show that a hydrogen powered car can be safe — one big concern is that hydrogen cars would be carrying the gas at high pressures.

Other entrants in the hydrogen car category include on e from the University of TU Delft, in the Netherlands. A team there has developed a hydrogen-powered car that they say will go from zero to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and hit 130 miles per hour.

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Aston-Martinhasn’t released the specifications of its own car. A production model Rapide can reach 190 miles per hour and accelerate just s fast, to 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) in 4.9 seconds.

This might be good PR for hydrogen cars, but getting hydrogen cars to the masses isn’t going to be easy — there aren’t many hydrogen fueling points, for instance.

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Credit: Aston-Martin