Natural disasters cam bring out the best in people. Neighbors become friends and strangers become saviors. The stories are whipping around Hurricane Sandy almost as fast as her windspeed, but one story stands out.

This morning while a local Washington D.C. news reporter was shooting a from-the-field report in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of central D.C., a man ran by in swim trunks wearing a horse-head mask. The reporter lost it on live television and the cameraman turned to follow the strange sight.

While some huddle in their homes looking for safety, others get outside and try and make the best of a bad situation.

Later in the day, the Washington Post reported they'd tracked down the Hurricane Horse. His name is Jimmy Kruyne and he's surprised he became a star. Kruyne tweeted, "The news crew is down the block, I’m thinking horse mask and swimming trunks?" a few minutes before he was spotted. He claims he wasn't trying to bogart the broadcast, but his glasses fogged up. You can see him stop and fix them in the video before he realizes he's on camera.

His comment on the instant Internet-fame, "If I had known that this would happened, I would have been working out the last month or painted on a six-pack. I was looking a little soft." via YouTube and Washington Post

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