Hurray! Google Maps for iPhone: Back in September, when Apple rolled out its new operating system, iOS6, one of new features it introduced was Apple Maps. As part of the upgrade on iPhones, Google Maps was eliminated and replaced with Apple Maps. It sucked! I tried using it a couple of times and ended up two or three miles from my destination. In one case, it directed me to an address on a road that wasn’t even the road of my destination. Thank goodness for Waze, my default car nav app. But Waze doesn’t help with walking or public transportation.

Well, good news. Google Maps is back for Apple and it’s even better. In addition to the aforementioned bennies, this new version also has turn-by-turn navigation. According to Gizmodo, Google is also releasing a Google Maps SDK for iOS and a URL scheme to get third party applications to launch the Google Maps app and perform searches, direction requests and display map views. Download it from iTunes now and find where you’ve been all along. via Gizmodo