Sword fighting is back in style (assuming it ever went out) with as movies like Lord of the Rings and television epics like Game of Thrones leading the charge. Vikings were fighting here in the New World long before the rest of Europe made it across the Atlantic, but how they were fighting is somewhat of a mystery, until now.

This father-son duo are professional fight choreographers, so they understand the body movements, dexterity and strategy behind sword fighting as well as anyone alive. Here you can watch them wield Viking steel and fight Viking style, however, they have many critiques of the Hollywood influence on how we think sword fighting should look.

Watching them fight looks more like controlled flailng then what we'd think of swordfighting, but I'd wager that's due to the heavy influence of stage fighting which is in turn influenced by fencing.

As it turns out, when a hoard of Vikings landed on your shores, thrust and parry wouldn't keep you alive as easily as slash and hack. via Wimp

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