I admit, I am more of a Star Wars guy than a Star Trek guy but this little project is awesome no matter what side of the galaxy you are on. All you will need is a floppy disk and a pair of scissors. It’s that simple! See the full set of instructions over at wikihow.

First, you’ll need a floppy disk with the metal shutter at the bottom. Of course, if this is your disk…you might want to remove any important information. I’m not sure how one would do this, does anyone even have a floppy drive anymore?

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Remove the shutter and pry the disk open. Discard all non-metal pieces (please recycle them!).

Using your scissors, snip the tabs around the shutter’s opening.

Fold the ends at 90 degrees to create the warp nacelles.

Make a small snip on both sides of the shutter, do not cut all the way through! This will hold the saucer.

Attach the disk to the shutter.

Secure the hub. Now go all boldly and stuff.