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The Power of Three
"The world assigns the number three elevated status. Recently, Peter O'Toole, Tom Laughlin, and Joan Fontaine died, inspiring a rash of articles citing their three deaths as meaningfully connected."

When Three Charms But Four Alarms: Identifying the Optimal Number of Claims in Persuasion Settings
"How many positive claims should be used to produce the most positive impression of a product or service?"

Study: Making Direct Eye Contact Is Not An Effective Way To Persuade
"Few popular beliefs are as unshakable as, 'If you want to influence someone, always make direct eye contact.'"

In the Eye of the Beholder: Eye Contact Increases Resistance to Persuasion
"Popular belief holds that eye contact increases the success of persuasive communication, and prior research suggests that speakers who direct their gaze more toward their listeners are perceived as more persuasive."

How To Be Persuasive And Get What You Want Easily
"We all like to get our way. I don't know one person who doesn't. But how do we make that happen?"

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The Power of the Mind
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The Truth About Multitasking


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