You know the feeling of opening up a giant map and struggling to put it back together. Lifehacker has found one of the most efficient ways to fold a map or other pieces of paper. The Miura fold lets you open and close a folded paper in one motion, as explained by

A Miura sheet has only one degree of freedom, and can be thought of as having only two states: fully open, or fully closed. Since reversing one fold in the sheet (that is, making a “mountain” into a “valley”) requires reversing all of the adjacent folds as well, the Miura sheet feels as though it has a memory, and is very resistant to deformation.


The GIF above gives you an idea of how this should work. Miura sheets are said to last longer than other folded papers because the tips of the mountains don’t touch the dips of valley, which puts less strain on these points. Below is an illustration showing one of the ways to achieve the Miura sheet, from the pioneer himself Professor Koryo Miura.

Image: Koryo Miura

Main image: Hello Turkey Toe/Creative Commons