The Red Bull Stratos team and Felix Baumgartner have challenged the limits of skydiving more than once, but after significant testing, they're one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal: breaking the sound barrier.

To get a human to break the sound barrier requires many technological advances. The team and their partners had to create a supersonic spacesuit for Baumgartner, a balloon and capsule to transport him to the proper altitude, and even learn what would happen to his body at such insane speeds and temperatures. While falling at supersonic speeds, Baumgartner will be traveling 5 miles per second and the temperature at 102,000 feet is -70 degrees Fahrenheit. At that low temperature, if he were exposed to the air — or if the suit fails — his blood will literally boil.

Now that most of the hurdles are behind them, the team prepared for the final challenge — to be televised live on the Discovery Channel  when it's scheduled to happen on Oct. 8 — with this 96,000 foot jump… via YouTube

NEWS: Supersonic Flight: Pushing the Human Body's Limits

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