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Circadian rhythm sleep disorders: lessons from the blind
"As totally blind people cannot perceive the light-dark cycle (the major synchroniser of the circadian pacemaker) their circadian rhythms often "free run" on a cycle slightly longer than 24 h."

Study With Totally Blind People Shows How Light Helps Activate the Brain
"Light enhances brain activity during a cognitive task even in some people who are totally blind, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal and Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital."

Circadian rhythm abnormalities in totally blind people: incidence and clinical significance.
"When people are completely isolated from environmental time cues, their circadian rhythms free run with a nearly 24-h cycle, generated by an internal body clock. Free-running temperature, cortisol, and melatonin rhythms have also been described in totally blind people, even though they were living in normal society and had access to abundant time cues; thus an intact visual system may be essential for synchronization of the circadian system."

Ganglion Cell Layer
"The ganglion cell layer (ganglionic layer) is a layer of the retina that consists of retinal ganglion cells and displaced amacrine cells."

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What Is Circadian Rhythm?
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Stem Cells Cure Blindness

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