A good night's sleep might do more for you than just clear your head, it help you to be a stronger, less fearful person! Guest host Annie Gaus explains how the process works.

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Fear memories can be overcome during sleep, researchers say
"It can take only an instant for fear to take hold in the brain: a fear of snakes after being bitten by one, or anxiety around bodies of water after witnessing a drowning."

Can Phobias Be Cured in Our Sleep?
"You may think you're doing nothing at night, but to your brain, sleep means finally having some spare time to take stock of the day's events. Freed from the distractions of recording new experiences, a deeply sleeping brain can organize and strengthen memories, especially emotional ones."

Calming fear during sleep
"A fear memory was reduced in people by exposing them to the memory over and over again while they slept. It's the first time that emotional memory has been manipulated in humans during sleep, report Northwestern Medicine scientists."

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