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Self-driving cars popular by mid-century: study
"They've long been the stuff of science fiction, but a new study predicts that once they come to market in the near future, autonomous vehicles will rapidly become a very popular reality."

Self-Driving Cars Moving into the Industry's Driver's Seat
"New IHS Automotive study forecasts nearly 12 million yearly self-driving cars sales and almost 54 million in use on global highways by 2035."

"Has the self-driving car at last arrived?"

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The World
"The steady advance of automated driving will have a number of impacts on the automotive and transportation industries in the coming years. While the technology for fully autonomous vehicles on public roads has not yet arrived, the first test programs are scheduled."

54 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2035, study finds,0,1394637.story#axzz2pItiPpPQ
"Self-driving cars aren't expected to begin hitting the road until 2020, but a new study predicts that once they're here, they will quickly become a common sight."

Are robots better motorists than HUMANS? Self-driving cars could eliminate most traffic deaths and reduce congestion
"The cars of the future will probably drive themselves and make superior motorists, claim scientists. A study has concluded that as robots do not drink-drive, get distracted, fall asleep or tailgate in a rage, they would make safer and more efficient drivers than humans."

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Transportation of the Future
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Flying Cars Are Dumb


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