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-See-Through Brains Clarify Connections
Technique to make tissue transparent offers three-dimensional view of neural networks.

-Structural and Molecular Interrogation of Intact Biological Systems
Obtaining high-resolution information from a complex system, while maintaining the global perspective needed to understand system function, represents a key challenge in biology.

-Seeing the Brain's Circuits with a New Clarity
CLARITY allows molecular analysis of the intact brain.

-An Activity Map of the Whole Zebrafish Brain
A new technique enables researchers to visualize the activity of nearly every cell in the larval zebrafish brain.

-'Ice Fish' Bleeds Clear Blood
The Ocellated Ice Fish lives in the freezing waters of the Antarctic Ocean, where it manages to keep its body doing all the things that other fish do, but with blood that is absolutely clear, researchers said.

-How Much Does It Hurt? Let's Scan Your Brain
Scientists reported Wednesday that they had developed a way to measure how much pain people are experiencing by scanning their brains.

-Brain Scans Offer Precise Measurement Of Human Pain
A new study is a first step toward a objective way to measure physical pain.