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Say Hello To Life-Sized Holograms
"From Princess Leia's evocation and "Star Trek's" Holo-Deck, to Marty McFly ducking holographic sharks in Back To The Future II and the resurrection of Tupac Shakur, holograms are never far from the zeitgeist of pop culture."

We're One Step Closer to Bringing Holograms Home
"It seems as though everyone is fascinated with the possibilities and promises of a holographic 3D world. With major events such as Coachella and theLondon Olympics showing off the latest in hologram technology, it's not hard to desire the concept in theatres, stores or homes. Let's face it: Who doesn't want to live in a place where holographic projections a la Star Warscommunicate information?"

Rose and Thistle Media Inc.

Secrets of Real Images and Holograms
"Each Mirage you display is a scientific phenomenon called a three-dimensional real image. For decades, students often first heard of them in science labs, but very few actually saw one."

Holograms: How to give your brand the Tupac effect
"Holograms are one of the few guaranteed ways to really take people's breath away and yet the branding opportunities they offer are being over-looked, argues SquareZero general manager Dave Keegan."

How Holographic Environments Will Work
"Most of the basic components for this network are already in place to allow the development of tele-immersion. Tele-immersion is the scientific community's answer to the holodeck."

History of holography
"Holography dates from 1947, when British (native of Hungary) scientist Dennis Gabor developed the theory of holography while working to improve the resolution of an electron microscope."

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