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Stanford Research: Hidden Benefits of Gossip, Ostracism
"A Stanford study finds that what you might think of as your worst qualities - talking about people behind their backs and voting others "off the island" - can offer surprising benefits for our greater harmony."

Gossip and Ostracism Promote Cooperation in Groups
"The widespread existence of cooperation is difficult to explain because individuals face strong incentives to exploit the cooperative tendencies of others."

Is Gossip Bad For You? New Study Finds Health Benefits
"Do you gossip? Even if the answer is yes, you're not likely to admit it."

Don't Feel Guilty About Enjoying A Good Gossip
"Whether at a coffee morning, or when social networking or yakking over the garden fence, we Brits love to gossip."

Mean Girls (3/10) Movie CLIP - Regina Bashes Janis (2004) HD

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The Science of Spreading Rumors
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Exoskeleton Helps the Paralyzed Walk


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