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Astronauts to Watch
"As fans around the world tune in to World Cup 2014, a few fans out of this world will be watching, too."

Astronauts Will Watch Super Bowl from Space
"Six astronauts living in space may not have gravity, fresh food or a shower, but there is one Earth necessity they won't miss Sunday: The Super Bowl."

Don't Worry, Astronauts on the ISS Will Get to Watch the Super Bowl Too
"There are plenty of things you don't get to have when you're in space."

ISS astronauts watch the World Cup -- in space
"When they're not doing all kinds of experiments aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany make sure to keep up on the action taking place at the 2014 World Cup via a stream set up aboard the station."

World Cup Viewership Out Of This World
"No, Nielsen ratings will not be referenced in this story."

NASA Astronaut Watches New Star Trek Movie in Space
"Many moviegoers likely will have to sit in crowded theaters to watch the new 'Star Trek' movie, but not NASA astronaut Michael Barratt."

Exercising in Space
"Exercise is an important part of the daily routine for astronauts aboard the station to prevent bone and muscle loss."

Astronauts Answer Student Questions

FIFA World Cup mania: NASA astronauts watch matches in space
"New Delhi: It seems FIFA World Cup mania has gripped not just fans on the Earth but also in the space."

Ku band
"The Ku band is the 12-18 GHz portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range of frequencies."

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