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RNA was a key ingredient in primordial soup that led to life,0,7718358.story
"How did we go from a lifeless Earth with no oxygen to a planet teeming with life and that essential element? Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found one crucial clue: iron and RNA."

Complex Biochemistry Possible at Origins of Life on Earth
"A new study shows that RNA is capable of catalyzing electron transfer under conditions similar to those of the early Earth."

RNA with iron(II) as a cofactor catalyses electron transfer
"Mg2+ is essential for RNA folding and catalysis. However, for the first 1.5 billion years of life on Earth RNA inhabited an anoxic Earth with abundant and benign Fe2+."

Origin of Life: Power Behind Primordial Soup Discovered
"Researchers at the University of Leeds may have solved a key puzzle about how objects from space could have kindled life on Earth."

"The main difference between DNA and RNA is the sugar present in the molecules."

In The Prebiotic Kitchen
"To explain the origin of life, scientists seek to explain the origin of its components."