East of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador lie isolated tribes of indigenous people. They have little access to the trappings of the modern world, including modern medical care. Lack of access to medical resources, knowledge, and distrust of outsiders all make providing care to these people a special challenge.

Since 1994, a foundation called Cinterandes has depended on one truck, converted to a mobile operating room, to offer medical care to the remote residents of the Amazon Basin. The surgeons of Cinterandes visit these communities once a month, performing 20-30 surgeries each time. In total, they have performed over 7,400 surgeries in this single truck and never lost a life.

The mistrust that these indigenous people have of outsiders has a long history, caused in particular by broken promises from the government. Beyond the medical care Cinterandes offers, in sincerely reaching out to these communities, this small group is also helping to heal some, less physical, wounds of the past.

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