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How the White Tiger Got His Coat
"The strikingly beautiful, milky coats of white tigers are caused by a single change in a known pigment gene, a new study finds."

Too Cute! White Tiger Cubs: Photos
"The ZOO Liberec in the Czech Republic has three white tiger kittens for the first time in ten years. The two males and one female were born in July to four-year-old tiger Surya Bara."

ScienceShot: How the White Tiger Got Its Coat
"Zoos are the only places where white tigers exist: Treasured for their enigmatic coats, they've been hunted to extinction in the wild."

'White tiger numbers can be increased without inbreeding'
"A study published on Thursday in the Current Biology journal solved the puzzle why a few tigers have a white coat with sepia or dark brown stripes instead of the yellow coat with dark brown stripes."

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