This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. It's one of those concepts that, when you understand it, you'll wonder how come no one thought of it before. It begins with a mathematical concept developed in 1903 that shows how a perfect square can be cut into sections and folded into an equilateral triangle.

Architects from D*Haus Company have moved this concept into the 21st Century. They've launched a Kickstarter project to eventually develop a house that's shaped like a square but then has sections that roll out on tracks to form a triangle. The idea is that a house like this could open up during the summer months to take advantage of the sunlight and then close down during the winter months.

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So far, the team has raised a small portion of their funding goal of $45,000. That money will actually go toward an initial and related project called the D*Table, a coffee table that starts as a square and folds into a triangle. One remarkable aspect is that its hinges come off and the table can be split off into four different sections. If the team raises their funds, the table can go into production and lead the way toward the larger project of the house. That project will take upwards of $380,000 simply to fund a feasibility design study. However Daniel Woolfson, director at D*Haus, told PopSci that the architectural firm might be able to pay for the study with half that money.

Either way, it's an exciting concept worth exploring. I hope they raise their money. See a video here of how it all works.

Credit: D*Haus