OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator: $57,300

If you aren’t going any where for the holidays and have about $60K lying around, you can still fly. The OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator is a fully enclosed pod that can pitch and twist to recreate take off and landing as well as the shaking of turbulence. The recreated cockpit has flight controls and three 24-inch LCD displays that provide an outside view world from a pilot's perspective.

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The simulator runs on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, which allows users to choose what airport to depart from and land in. It can even adjust weather conditions to match whatever the user feels like flying through. The special order item takes about 14 weeks to ship, which gives you plenty of time to acquire some catty flight attendants to bring you coffee and maybe a few sick bags to get you through those first few hits of turbulence. Consider it practice for your next transatlantic flight. 

Via: Dvice

Credit: OVO-4