"He is a friend, and he is an unassuming hero. I also think the fact that he is both awkward and a shy newspaper reporter makes him like everybody else. And yet he has another identity, this larger-than-life superhero. Sometimes we feel like Clark Kent, and sometimes, if we are lucky, we feel like Superman.” — Christopher Reeve

Love him or hate him, Superman is an iconic American character. Since the 1930s when he first appeared in the pages of Action Comics he's been popular. Since then there have been radio and television shows, movies and books not to mention countless comics and reboots, but here is another iteration you might not immediately recall.

On the streets of Hollywood you can find characters from movies and music portrayed by people trying to capture a role or live their dream, but rarely do you get to see their lives. In this short film, instead of seeing Superman the character on the Boulevard, you get to know the man behind the tights.

via Vimeo on Tumblr

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