Berlin hosted the Hipster Olympics this month. Image: Hipster Olympiade

Sports are generally the domain of jocks; you don’t find too many hipsters on the football field or baseball diamond. But that doesn’t mean the skinny jean-wearing, fixed gear bicycle riding masses don’t enjoy a good competition, as proved by the second annual Hipster Olympiade.

The “Games,” held in Berlin, featured teams of three to five going head to head in events that are even stranger than some of the oddest stuff the real Olympics have featured.

Events included:

  • Skinny jeans tug of war

  • Vinyl spinning

  • Bubble tea drinking

  • Make your own ironic hipster mustache

  • Potato sack races (in cloth tote bags)

  • Confetti throwing / hurdles

  • Horned-rimmed glasses throwing

Of course, no Olympiade would be complete without gold to fight for. The prize: a “golden” bottle of Club-Mate, a carbonated German drink made from mate-extract. The one day event also featured musical performances, an art show and an after party.

To see the “athletes” in action, check out the training video below, and photos on the Hipster Olympiade Facebook page.